Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jack Davis EC Stories Artist's Edition

 Regular Edition Cover

 Variant Edition Cover

 Title Page

 Credits Page

Contents Page

I would say that most people are familiar with the art of Jack Davis. They may not know him by name, but they certainly recognize his style. If you grew up reading MAD magazine, you would remember his movie parodies, and appreciate his ability to capture likenesses, which were always spot-on. Davis' work was also on display, as covers, to many nationally recognized magazines. Another thing he's  known for is his fabulous sports caricatures.

But Jack really first came to prominence, in the pages of EC comics. As one of the stable of outstanding artists for that publisher, he rose to fame with his ability to illustrate a diverse range of stories. He was able to accurately depict historical tales, and then without missing a beat, create something absolutely terrifying for the horror genre. His lush brushwork was beautiful to behold regardless of the story.

The design template for these books is based on the look of the actual comic. However, one of the things I wasn't happy with, was the proportions of the original comic. The masthead and title portion of the EC comics, took up almost half of the cover! I reduced that area down so that I could increase what I considered to be the most important element on the cover... the artwork! This rule also applied to the previous book based on an EC artist, the Wally Wood Artist's Edition. I plan on keeping this consistent with future volumes dedicated to that immensely talented crew of EC artists.  Did you get that subtle hint? There will be more books focusing on individual EC artists! Yeah!


  1. Thank you for your comments and support, it is really appreciated!

  2. I really love how the Jack Davis volume turned out!! And I'm really happy that more EC artists (Graham Ingels!) will be getting their own books too!!

    Thank You very much for being a part of this very special and truly wonderful project!! ^_^

    1. Teto7Totoro,

      Thank you for your comments, there are greatly appreciated!
      In case you did not know, there will also be a second volume of the Best of EC. I guessing more annoucements are on there way...