Thursday, November 7, 2013

Shadow Box Art

Bazooka Joe

Orange Popsicle

Mid-Century Romance

Friend or Foe?

Television spokesmodel

Alright! I know this is a little different entry than what I usually do, but I thought these boxes were kinda fun. I had a hankering to do some 3 dimensional design work, and these boxes are the result of that. The problem with me and creating, is my lack of patience. I like to get things done quickly and then move on. I could never do oil painting, it would take too much time for me, and I would lose interest in the project before it was finished.

With these shadowboxes, I wanted to think up the idea, execute it and be done, in no more, than two days. I'm sure the craftsmanship and finish of these, could have been much more polished, but that would have meant spending more time on each box. I like to think there is kind of a crude charm to these. Really this was the result of having to purge. I sometimes get inklings and uneasiness where the only relief is to create something. A lot of times it's based on things, or materials I'm not familiar with. For these boxes, it was all based on a shopping trip to my local Michael's craft store. I used wooden balls, wooden dowels, a clear plastic christmas ornament, wire and sculpy. Oh, and everything is painted with those 69 cent bottles of craft paint.

I realize they aren't things of beauty, but when I finished them, I could sit back and go ahhhh! Sort of like after eating a very large meal,  sitting on the sofa and having that satisfying burp. Yeah, that's it!