Sunday, December 9, 2012

MAD Artist's Edition

This is the cover to the MAD Artist's Edition from IDW. This book contains original art from the first few issues of the MAD comic. The artwork in the book is over 50 years old! This is a special and unique presentation showcasing some of the most revered artists ever. MAD was Harvey Kurtzman's pride and joy. The stories showed Kurtzman's skill in parody and satire. Illustrating the stories were legends in the industry: Jack Davis, Bill Elder, Basil Wolverton and Wally Wood.

Adding to the specialness of this book, is an introduction by filmmaker, Terry Gilliam. Gilliam writes about how both, Harvey Kurtzman and MAD, corrupted him and a group of englishmen, to later go on and create the madness that became Monty Python.