Monday, April 15, 2013


Rough sketch by Tyler's buddy

Final logo design

Working on a logo for someone, based on their sketch, can either be fun, or a total nightmare. My son, Tyler, asked me if I could help him color a logo for his new business. Tyler and a couple of his friends, have decided to start a business doing video and audio production work. He explained to me, that one of his friends had drawn up a logo, that he liked, and was wondering if I could just add color to it.

Sight unseen, I somehow knew, it wouldn't be a matter of just adding color to an existing logo. I kind of braced myself for the worst, when the logo was revealed to me. It ended up being a pencil drawing with a lot of graphite shading. The good news was, the design of the logo, really wasn't bad. I talked about the things I would change and how I would make it a stronger design. Tyler pointed out to me all of the things he really liked about it, and how and why he had picked certain design elements.

I tried to be respectful to the original design, yet try to improve it without compromising the concept. It was challenging to not inject my design preferences, and turn it into my vision. All in all I think it turned out well. Tyler was very pleased with the end result, and told me that's the reason he wanted me to do it... because I was a professional! Anything I can do to help you, that's why I'm here. Good luck to Boomchu, I hope it's an exciting and lucrative experience!

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