Sunday, August 31, 2014

Walter Simonson Manhunter Artist's Edition


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Here was another opportunity to work with some of the work of Walter Simonson. It was during Manhunter when Walter really hit his stride. A lot of fans look back on this story as being one of their favorites. I'm sure the writing of Archie Goodwin contributed to those fond memories. Since the time of this story, Walter has become not only a highly stylized illustrator, but a well-respected storyteller also. It's great to watch the maturation process of Walter's work as he works from one chapter to the next. He seemed to gain confidence in his abilities, as he moves through the story to it's conclusion.

Walter also shared ideas about the design of the book. It was enjoyable to be able to engage in dialog with him about the little nuances of the way the book looked. Walter has such a respect for his wife, Louise's (Weezie) instinct, that he makes sure to include her in the process. The passion and enthusiasm for this project certainly came through when talking with Walter. It made for a little extra bonus when working on this book! When the artists are happy... I'm happy!