Monday, April 29, 2013

Denis Kitchen Identity

 Front and back side of Denis Kitchen Art Agency Business Card

 Letterhead for the Denis Kitchen Art Agency

 Mailing Envelope for the Denis Kitchen Art Agency

 Front and back side of the Denis Kitchen Publishing Company Business Card

Li'l Abner collectibles Inquiry Card

Nancy and Sluggo collectibles Inquiry Card

I've known Denis Kitchen, for about 20 years. Denis has had several very successful careers. But probably the thing he is best known for, is his publishing company, Kitchen Sink Press. The company produced high quality comic related material, along with great production values. I had been a fan for years, when I finally got the courage to contact him. I sent him a package with samples of my work, and told him I would love the opportunity to work with him. We communicated back and forth for about three years, before a project finally happened. We ended up putting together the "Scenes From the Xenozoic Age" wooden boxed portfolio. It was an immediate sell out. It was also nominated for an Eisner Award. Which unfortunately, I lost to Chris Ware. I hope it's not deja vu all over again this year!

Last year, Denis wanted to re-do his identity system. He asked me if I would be interested in doing a new business card, letterhead, and envelope for him. Actually designing those types of things are some  of my favorite things to do, so I eagerly said, "yes." Denis also is a collector of Li'l Abner and Nancy merchandise, so he wanted cards that he could hand out designed too. What you see above, is the results of those designs.

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