Thursday, December 1, 2011

Frazetta Sketchbooks

Cover for the hardcover version of the Frazetta Sketchbook

Cover for the paperback version of the Frazetta Sketchbook

In the next few months, Vanguard Productions, will be releasing the Frazetta Sketchbook. The book contains 128 pages of rare and unpublished drawings, along with painting preliminaries. This is exciting news for all fans of Frank Frazetta's work.

The covers above were actually done as 2 different options for the cover of the book. The publisher, J. David Spurlock, liked both of them, and decided to use one for the paperback cover, and one for the hardcover version of the book. That worked out fine for me, because I liked both versions of the cover for different reasons. I'm hoping that when the books are published, that the hardcover, will have an actual cloth binding, instead of a represented one as seen in the artwork above.

I'm sure having fun, can you tell?