Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kaluta Sketchbook Cover 2

Original Concept

Approved Cover

I received a Kaluta illustration intended for the cover of the Kaluta Sketchbook series #2. When I saw it, I went, "Wow!" I've always admired Kaluta's ability to capture different eras in history. It's all in the details; the style of the clothing, the telephone, the lamp, the blinds, and the great coloring. So, when I looked at this, I too wanted to support and enhance the illustration, by dressing it out in period appropriate design. It looked very "Detective Pulpy" to me. I pulled out some reference from the 40s, and wanted it to mimic the pulp magazines appearance. If you know the history of pulps, you know that red and yellow were prerequisite colors for use on the covers. I did my best to keep it exciting and eye catching. I thought I was being clever by adding the bullet holes to the masthead, as if someone was shooting back at the main character. I felt pretty happy with the results, but the response I got from Kaluta, was "Nahh." He actually wanted to keep it consistent with the first volume and use the same type treatment and layout. I guess I got too excited and decided to make it about me, instead of pulling back and allowing the illustration to speak for itself. I think those are good lessons to learn, sometimes subtlety is the best solution.


  1. Thanks my friend. I keep checking your blog for updates...what's going on. I need to see your comic story soon.

  2. Looks wonderful , can't wait to get a copy myself.

  3. Thanks Dominic! I'm currently working on the third volume of Kaluta's sketchbook series!

  4. I like your original concept (even more)
    But I prefer consistency for a series overall.

    Kudos from Caracas,