Friday, May 25, 2012

Groo Artist's Edition

Cover to Sergio Aragone's Groo Artist's Edition

Title page

Credits page

The great thing about doing book design, is getting to work with such a variety of different artistic styles. When I think of Sergio and his art style, the word that pops into my head, is fun. It's hard not to look at his stuff and smile. There is so much detail, that this larger format, really helps show how much effort is put into each panel. Maybe effort isn't he right word, because I get the feeling that this stuff just flows out of Sergio's brush. I've been a fan of Sergio's work for a long time, so this was a real treat for me to work on. Amongst all of the chaos and mayhem, there is control and order. Everything is placed with precision and accuracy into the panels, nothing is left to chance. Check it for yourself, when inspecting a scene of action with lots and lots of characters, see where your eye naturally goes...right to the main character. Sergio leaves nothing to chance, he knows his stuff.

This book gave me permission to explore a more humorous approach to design. Of course, the table was already set, based on the subject matter. It's always fun, and a little daunting, to try to get inside the head of the artist. How is my design paying homage to his vision, without stepping on his toes? I would hate to come across, as if I hadn't done my homework, and had no idea what this artist was trying to convey. I think part of being a good designer, is to also be a chameleon. You have to disappear into the book, and take on the characteristics of the book's artist.

Sergio is certainly unique in his abilities and vision. He is also well deserving of a book in this oversized format.

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