Friday, May 25, 2012

Daredevil Artist's Edition

Cover to Mazzucchelli's Daredevil Artist's Edition

Title page

Chapter divider

Every-time I design an Artist's Edition book, it becomes a new challenge to me. I never want to get into a rut and design in a way that becomes too comfortable or inappropriate for the material. Part of the challenge of this book was to not repeat myself with using the same design approach from another book. Even though Spider-Man and Daredevil share a lot of similarities, (urban setting, rooftop swinging, gymnastic fighting techniques, angst ), I had to figure out a way to make Daredevil unique from the Spider-Man book.

Believe or not, part of the fun for me, is the research. I looked up Hell's Kitchen, and tried to get a feel for that, and compared it to how Mazzucchelli portrayed it in the book. I wanted to maintain the dirt and grime of the city, along with familiar architecture. When designing the books, I want to enhance the featured artist's work, without overwhelming it with my own personal vision. I think it's important to keep your ego in check. One of the most fulfilling aspects of these books, is the participation of the artist. They always have final say on the approval process. When you get the pat on the back, that says you did a good job, that is true satisfaction.


  1. Absolutely stunning design! I think it'd make a great collectible poster as well!

  2. Thanks Donovan! A poster is actually, a good idea. Do people still buy posters?

  3. This edition just arrived in the mail yesterday. You and IDW are knocking these things out of the park. A gorgeous book!

  4. Very cool . Love David's take on the character.

  5. Thanks R.R., response to this book has been really really good. It was important to get Mazzucchelli's blessing on this book. I was working on this at the time word came through, that he wasn't very pleased with the new version of the Batman Year One book. Every part of the Artist's Edition book went through him, to make sure that it met his standards. I was thrilled when he approved the book with no design changes. That was re-affirmation for me, since I've been a huge fan of his design sense (Rubber Blanket!).

  6. Thanks Dominic. I think David was really experimenting and stretching to find his individual voice. The Daredevil story felt like we were on the verge of seeing greatness about to burst through. He really pushed the graphic medium, and all these years later people are still appreciating his vision.