Saturday, June 4, 2016

Jack Kirby's Thor Artist's Edition

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This is the fourth Jack Kirby Artist's Edition book I've had the privilege of designing. Just as it's been with previous volumes, I learn new things as I slowly work through the design process. The art on this book seems a little bit more delicate than on other books. I'm going to assume it has to do with the inking that's been applied to Kirby's pencils. It also, to me, seems less dynamic. Nonetheless, it's still ridiculously good.

When designing certain aspect of this book, I wanted to focus on the energy and action in each of the  panels I chose to use. With the use of color blocks and angular shapes it directs your eyes to the movement working in those panels. The border and fonts hopefully convey a "feeling" of nordic heritage. That was the "vibe" I was going for. I also isolated portions of the panels, so it focused primarily on Thor. Usually Kirby's panels are so dense with characters and activity, it's nice to sometimes create a little breathing room, to appreciate details of his art.

This is certainly not the last Kirby book I'll work on, I look forward to continually being educated in the art of dynamic storytelling. Kirby is King!


  1. Really nice design work Randy. Love seeing your thought process on these (and all the books you design).

  2. Thank you Twirler, I appreciate you checking out my blog and the kind words!

  3. The pleasure is all mine. Love seeing the process you go through in deciding what designs to use.

  4. I wish you (or IDW) would show the contents page, as you did with the Romita artifact edition. The quality of your design work is always undoubtable and adds to the enjoyment of every edition I've purchased, but dropping $150 on a sealed book without knowing what's inside beyond a scant description is very frustrating and I'm passing on Thor because of it. love the design work though! Can't wait for your take on vol 2 of Kamandi.

  5. Thank you Robert for your comments on my design. I usually don't list the contents of the books, because, I'm trying to focus on my design work. I believe on IDW's website, under the Artist's Editions heading, they list the contents of each book. I think that information is also available when the books are solicited.

    1. Regardless, Randy, your design work never disappoints and I always look ford to these previews!

  6. I put my prejudices aside and checked my petty complaints at the door and picked up Thor AE. Great stuff!! Am I crazy, or should I not love what you did with the contents page so much? Just terrific. Great choice on the blue.