Friday, September 11, 2015

Bob Powell's Jet Powers collection


 Title page

 Title page Spread

 Contents Spread

 Essay Spread

Essay Spread

The Jet Powers book was great fun to work on. I got to play with design imagery from the '50s atomic age. I wanted it to feel space-agey but also energetic. There are a lot of angles and directional rules that will lead your eye throughout the page spreads. I think there is a lot of open space on the pages along with a sense of claustrophobic tension. I thought about Twilight Zone episodes, where the characters always had a nervous uneasiness, in anticipation of something about to happen. Even though they were in a large open room, they could feel the walls closing in on them. If it's possible to capture that feeling with shapes and lines and color, that was what I was going for.


  1. dear sir i am wondering why you did not post anything for Graham Ingels artist edition.

  2. Thanks for asking Aakmhnh, I just haven't had a lot of time. There are a few others I should post also.