Saturday, June 15, 2013

Curdtown Cheese Curds Glass Cling

 Pencil Rough

Final Art

Mall of America has a new tenant in the food court area. Flav-R-Fries opened a little over a month ago. Flav-R-Fries food items lean towards a state fair type of experience. Along with Nathan's famous hot dogs (deep-fried), they also have chirros, funnel cakes and of course several different flavors of french fries. Being that it was a start up operation, they wanted to make sure they served the best of the best. So, naturally they chose to add Curdtown cheese curds to their menu. Kevin the owner, wanted to help promote the product, so he asked if we could create a glass cling to go onto the glass on the front counter. 

Wanting to emphasize the state fair attitude, I chose a graphic style that to me, presented an era of advertising that fit well with that feeling. I thought in this case, simplifying the design was the best direction.  Returning to the days of Tony the tiger, the Frito Bandito, cocktail napkins, and novelty gag gifts seemed like a no-brainer. In the bigger picture, I'd like to re-brand Flav-R-Fries with this style of graphics throughout the concession front. I hope this happens, we can only wait and see...

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