Thursday, October 1, 2009

Scion XA

I've always wanted to take my car and paint it in a unique way. It's such a temptation to look at it as a blank canvas. Why aren't there more interesting paint jobs on cars, why aren't people personalizing them more? Cars and houses and furniture have become so "safe" and bland, what happened to style and creativity? Look in neighborhoods and count how many houses are painted gray, brown, beige, or combinations of those colors. Everything looks the same, doesn't it? It seems nobody is willing to do anything that their neighbor isn't doing. What's the fear? The same applies to colors on cars. Open up a car sales catalog from the '50s and check out the great colors and color combinations. Have you seen any turquoise or salmon or peach colored cars lately? How about two-toned? What is the most popular color of cars these days, silver or blah? Of course, my car is silver, but I wish it wasn't. I took a photo of my car, and applied a color combination and style from a '50s era car, and created my "what if." Maybe someday I'll have the opportunity to paint something fun on my car. But, then again, what would the neighbors think?


  1. Randy,

    Dear God Almighty!

    What incredible work you do! I started checking this blog a while back as a result of your Mark Schultz Various Drawings work, but to see your stellar involvement with The Rocketeer Collection (VERY near and dear to me!) has made my day.

    From one retro guy to another, your stuff is incredible and a joy to behold.

    -Rocket Pistol

  2. Rocket Pistol,

    You make me blush! Thank you for your kind words. I love your blog by the way, very cool art, congratulations!

    Retro Randy

  3. That car is completely painted in a unique way! It's cool that some people have cars which are covered in unique colors that you don't see on the road everyday! It's kind of like customizing the cars all by themselves, based on their personalities and preferences. Hmm. Beige and red mix perfectly! If someone wants to have a retro look for their car, both colors would be a nice choice! :)

    Kevyn Hagemann