Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dinosaur Discoveries

Cover to Dinosaur Discoveries

Spread from Dinosaur Discoveries

Cover to New Dinosaur Discoveries A-Z

Spread from New Dinosaur Discoveries A-Z

Spread from New Dinosaur Discoveries A-Z

After completing the William Stout Prehistoric Life Murals book, Bill immediately had ideas to put together another book. He had approximately fifty paintings he had done of newly discovered dinosaurs, and he thought it would make a great follow up book. John Fleskes of Flesk Publications agreed. After a discussion, it was decided to take the information along with the paintings and create two books. One would be aimed at a juvenile audience, and A-Z was added to the title. The book would approximate the size and feel of a Little Golden Book. The design, bright colors, and writing are all more playful. This is a new direction that Flesk Publications has never gone before. It seems to make perfect sense, dinosaurs, education, and entertainment, what a perfect combination to attract the attention of young readers (and their parents).

The second book is aimed more at an adult audience. The approach to this is, to create a timeless look, to base the design on the style of the old Scribner books, to turn it into a contemporary classic. I wanted the cover to feel old, as if this was a lost document from an unidentifiable period of time. This is a book you might find in the basement or attic of your grandparent's home. It's a very formal design, using classic Garamond type fonts.

The design styles of both books go in complete opposite directions, one is formal and rigid, while the other is playful and loose. After it was decided what direction these books would take, Bill also decided he should complete approximately sixty more paintings, to really make these books complete! He actually re-did several earlier images, to relay new information that had been discovered since he had executed his initial designs.


  1. I ordered these from Bill's site just the other day, and he gave you a rather nice shout out on his recent journal entry.

    I think John Fleskes must have a direct tap into the art book lobe in my brain.

  2. Hey Scott,

    What was great about ordering the book from Bill was, he would do an original drawing in it. He's a very generous guy. There are actually several other books that are in the works with Flesk Publications and Bill. It's been a great honor for me to be able to work with artists that I respect and admire so much. It pushes me to do my best work.


  3. I got the books in today's mail. and they look absolutely stunning! You guys deserve some serious awards.

  4. Thanks Scott, for your kind words. I'm still waiting to get my samples of the books, so I can see the end results. By the way, I'm about to start designing two more books of Bill's art, the goal is to have them off to the printer by the end of January!