Saturday, June 13, 2015

Don Rosa's Scrooge McDuck Artist's Edition

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This was my first ever project working with a Disney property (not including Marvel). It was really a fulfillment of a childhood dream. I'm sure most people have that special place in their heart for the Disney characters. I don't think you ever get to the point (if you are being honest), where you outgrow Disney. Even though it seems like the art and stories are aimed at children, there is certainly a lot of appeal for adults. This was the direction Don Rosa was going for when he created the back story for Scrooge McDuck. With the stories in this volume we not only discover the history of Scrooge, but it's also conveniently wrapped around the history of the US. Along the way Scrooge also encounters both fictitious and real-life legends. The journey is both fun, and educational!

My approach in designing this book was to embrace the artwork of Rosa and to elevate and isolate it. Because Rosa uses silhouettes quite frequently in his storytelling, I wanted to make use of that in some of the design work. I also tried to pick and choose images that were representational of each of the individual chapters. I picked blue and orange... because I like that color combination. Design doesn't really have to be complicated or overdone, in this case it can be pleasant and fun.

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  1. This is amazing work. I've recently begun collecting the Barks/Rosa tales, and I hadn't planned on grabbing the artist's edition... until now. Hopefully, I can find it for a price that doesn't hurt my pocket too much! Great work!