Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jack Kirby Mister Miracle Artist's Edition

 Mister Miracle cover

 Mister Miracle cover variant

 Title Page

 Credits / Indicia Spread

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Well, this is book number two from Jack Kirby. It's really quite amazing the imagination of Mr. Kirby. Who would think of creating a character who's greatest asset was his ability to escape from tortuous devices? Not only that, but how do you create a whole universe where he would continually be put in situations to challenge his abilities? But, that's the mind of Jack Kirby, kind of odd and quirky at times, but he made it work. I also love the costume he designed for Scott Free (get it?). Any time someone is wearing a mask and their nose suddenly disappears when it's on... that's brilliant and amazing. His stories and art, are also both brilliant and amazing.

When designing this collection of stories, I thought using the style of posters of Harry Houdini, would be a good influence. As with almost all of the artist's editions, I chose to use a limited palette. I think if there are too many full color pages in the book, it would appear too jarring, and perhaps take away from the impact of the original art pages. Of course, the designed "posters" had to look as if they were battered and torn from being exposed to the elements. It was kind of like creating a "what if" scenario. Like, what if Mister Miracle actually did perform in a circus, what would the advertising for that look like? Again it's such a delight and privilege to design books dedicated to such influential artists and creators.

Now that I think about it, why are there only two artist's edition books on Jack Kirby's art? It sure seems to me like there could possibly be more.... Hmmmm!

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