Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fossil Watch Tin Contest

 Tin Top

 Tin Side 1

 Tin Side 2

 Tin Side 3

Tin Side 3

A few months ago, to celebrate their 30th anniversary, the Fossil Watch Company sponsored a contest. The contest's theme was based on travel, and the assignment was to design one of their tin containers that their watches are packaged in. Because I'm competitive, and there was nice prize money involved, I entered the contest.

Contests are tough, not just because you want to stand out from everyone else, but you have to try and figure what will be appealing to the judges. I decided to try to create an illustrative cartoon image. I wanted to use a cross between Hanna-Barbera cartoons and the styles of 60s children's magazines. I thought most people would go the route of using road signs, travel stickers and gasoline memorabilia for inspiration, so I chose a different path. I wanted each side of the tin to show what represented a different geographic part of the country. I actually was most proud of the tag line I wrote for the top of the tin, "It's About Time!" Do you get it? Anyway, I thought it was clever.

Well, I didn't win...but I was notified that I had made it to the second round. Out of 800 entrants, mine was one of the top 30. What won? Well, it was tins showing road signs, travel stickers, and gasoline memorabilia...

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