Friday, September 7, 2012

Curdtown Cowballs Cheese Curds

Original logo

Rough concept sketch

Refined option #1

Refined option #2

Final logo

In late March, of this year, I got involved with a start-up company. 2 businessmen had formed a partnership and a company. Their goal was to conquer the world in the name of deep-fried cheese curds. Wow, what could be more fun than that? Originally they had contacted me to do a T-shirt design for them. When I met them and listened to their vision for the future, I wanted to be more involved with the company. At the time, they were just getting started, they were working on a visual identity for the company and hadn't made any definitive decisions at that point. When I saw the logo they had been working on, I asked if I could give it it a shot. One of the owners told me of the things he would like to see incorporated in the logo, but a lot of those things seemed to be have left out of their first draft.

I rather hastily but together a rough version of a logo for them. After sitting down again and talking about it, it was further refined. I added colors at this point, to help them visualize better what I was thinking. The decision on the final logo was unanimous. Since doing the logo, I have continued as their promo/advertising/graphics guy. I'm writing copy, creating in-store promo pieces. doing t-shirts, designing sellsheets, doing artwork for banners, doing all of the packaging, dealing with vendors, and brainstorming and designing their booth for trade-shows. It's a blast! Look for Curdtown Cowballs in your hometown...they are more than just a pretty name!


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  2. Thanks Burun!

    I appreciate your comments. I'll continue to post when I get time. I'm a little behind now, because I've been so busy with work. I do have some exciting things to share!