Sunday, June 6, 2010

Johnny Comet spreads

The spread intoducing the Sunday strips

The spread introducing the daily strips

A page dividing one of the sections of the book

The title spread to the book

Can I be honest? I'm so loving working on this Johnny Comet book. What a great opportunity to be able to design a book dedicated to one of Frank Frazetta's comic strips. I really love everything about this strip. I'm a big fan of the 50s era. I think the best designed cars came from that period, along with furniture design, and graphic design. It's been a joy, to try to take existing Frazetta art, and give it a whole fresh new approach.

One of the design approaches was to collage his illustrations with actual photographs from that era. It kind of gives the illusion that the situations and cast of Johnny Comet were part of history. I also wanted to throw in car ads and other images to give reference to that time. These represent just a few examples of the design work going into the book.


  1. Bravo, Randy! These are great fun! They look almost like they might unfold like an old gas station map. You can smell the oil and hear the crowd! You've set the stage so perfectly that it feels like the books should come with bags of peanuts!

  2. Can't wait to get my hands on this book.

    Lovely design.

  3. Thank you, Dominic. I certainly think it will be worth the wait!